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The Medieval Experience

Tryzna is a re-enactment society dedicated to exploration of Medieval music from Eastern and Northern Europe. As a society, we are involved in a multitude of projects all of which are linked to the Middle Ages. Our projects include research and reconstruction of original instruments as well as sharing that knowledge to others and progressive teaching through workshops and co-operative lecture. We are also dedicated to presentation of Medieval artifacts, especially those linked to the topic of music, therefore our group works on many different layers with a priority of concerts, instrument presentation and general knowledge sharing. More detailed information on all of the projects can be found here, at our website.


2017-08-19 Häme Medieval Faire
2017-08-19 Mittelaltermarkt Pfingsten
2017-09-02 Stichting Middeleeuws Ter Apel
Ter Apel
2017-09-09 Tillyfest

Our music:

The rarest artifacts of Medieval performance.

The most beautiful melodies inscribed on the margins of medieval manuscripts.

The forgotten charm of times long can that reverberates.

CD Baby Against Dispassion

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